Our core philosophy is to understand the point of view of the dogs, and to give them what they need to be fulfilled, which includes leadership, socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation. Our pack hikes fulfill all of these needs.

We also think it’s very important to possess the knowledge to know when to let certain things play out, and when to step in.  A big part of what dogs need and crave is understanding how to socialize and relate with other dogs, which involves a degree of hierarchy, respecting boundaries, getting a feel for which dogs they get along with and can play with, etc. By establishing that we are the alpha, the protector, the dogs are able to feel safe, knowing that they there is someone to step in if things get out hand, which is why we believe the human having the leading role is so important.

By being there as a leader to guide the dogs through social situations and step in when there is something that we don’t like, the dogs learn to trust and respect that we will ultimately protect them, which allows them to have a safe space to test boundaries and the environment without being in danger.  Looking to a human for guidance also can carry over and cause dogs to view humans in general as authority figures that are there to protect and guide them, which can alleviate behavioral problems such as leash aggression, or fear aggression that can be caused by the dog not feeling safe.

Dogs are often the best teachers/healers for one another, and we allow for all healthy socialization within our set limits.