Benefits of Pack Hikes

  • Better social skills
  • Friends
  • Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Coming home content/fulfilled with love to share
  • Better behavior
  • More likely to look to a human for guidance

We believe pack hikes are the single best experience you can give your dog for an all around better life, as it satisfies so many needs at one time. Because our Pack Hikes mimic the natural lives of dogs, their benefits to dogs are holistic. Dogs almost always come home very tired, fulfilled, and sated, due to the physical exercise of the hike, and the mental exercise of having structure, socialization, and stimulation. Your dog will learn to socialize in a pack setting and under the leadership of a human pack leader, and as a result, will have better social skills.  The experience and smells of being in the mountains with a pack of dogs is mentally stimulating and satisfying for your dog.

Your dog will also learn to follow the rules of a human, and learn to see humans as pack leaders, and as a result will likely be more attentive and better behaved.  Because the benefits of our well-run pack hikes are holistic, you will likely notice that your dog will be a different dog after our pack hikes, and he will bring his healthy, refreshed energy and mindset into your home, which can in turn make your life better.

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