About Us

We are a dog hiking company located in Santa Monica, CA, and serving Santa Monica, Venice, and the Pacific Palisades. We run pack hikes Monday-Friday in the morning, as well as a Saturday afternoon pack.

We believe that pack hikes are one of the best things we can give our dogs – something that fulfills them on an emotional, physical, and mental level, providing them with that missing link that they lose when we take them into our world. To be with other dogs, traveling in a pack, closely resembles their natural way of life, and is deeply fulfilling and healing to them. The human plays the role of the leader, whose primary roles are to provide dispute resolution, protection, and leadership for the dogs, so they feel safe to enjoy themselves, socialize, and soak up the experience.

Our pack hikes create more fulfilled, well-socialized, and happier dogs, who then bring that energy home, and can change the environment.

For videos of pack hikes, visit our Instagram or Facebook pages, where we regularly post videos and photos of the hikes.