About Us

Founded by Colin West in 2011, Colin’s Pack has the mission of fulfilling the lives of dogs, with our main service being pack hikes.  After offering several different services,  Colin felt that pack hikes best matched what he was looking for – something that would fulfill the dogs on an emotional, physical, and mental level, providing that missing link that they lose when we take them into our world. 

We believe that pack hikes are the single best thing you can give to your dog.  To be with other dogs, traveling in a pack, closely resembles their natural way of life, and is deeply fulfilling and healing to them. The human plays the role of alpha, the leader, whose primary roles are to provide protection and direction for the dogs. Our role is to earn respect, handle all disputes, and to provide a blanket of protection so that the dogs feel they are safe to explore the boundaries of being a dog.

We protect all of the dogs and have the final say if any dog is being out of line. This gives the dogs the freedom to be themselves, avoid dogs they don’t want to interact with, and play with dogs that they do, all the while knowing that they are safe, to make those decisions. Our pack hikes create happier, more balanced dogs who can then share that love with their owners.

For videos of pack hikes, visit our Facebook page, where we regularly post videos and photos of the hikes.