Our Feedback and Information for Owners

We are more than happy to give owners feedback, information, and recommendations regarding each dog. We can often see a dog’s personality clearly by watching his interactions in the pack, and that information can help us give the owners a good idea of what that dog needs from them in their relationship. ¬†If an owner is having a behavior problem at home, we are often able to give advice and information that can help them.

Sometimes dogs can be born with genetic tendencies that make them more prone to a certain behavior, (such as a naturally dominant personality leading to the dog disciplining people), sometimes there can be a problem with the relationship between the owner and dog, (such as an owner giving their power to the dog, and the dog becoming aggressive and protective on leash), and sometimes a combination. By understanding where a problem behavior comes from, it gives you more power and confidence to deal with the situation, and to understand what you as an owner can do, and what to expect.