Is My Dog a Good Fit?

We specialize in high-energy, difficult to tire out dogs, as well as young dogs who need a large amount of life lessons, in a healthy, safe social environment. Sensitive/small dogs may not be a good fit. We have had to specialize a bit over the years, and have steered a bit toward larger and higher energy dogs. The good news is that smaller sensitive dogs can likely have more options at the right doggy daycare or pack hiker, because may be considered easier to deal with.

We can handle a wide range of dogs, as well as dogs with minor issues, and major issues on a case by case basis.  By maintaining a high level of authority and understanding, (the details of which could fill a small book), we can create an environment where dogs can get along that might not otherwise get along. We schedule each pack so that there is a bit of a certain vibe to different packs–lots of playful dogs in the Wednesday group, dominant dogs in the Thursday group, smaller/more mellow dogs in the Friday group etc. This allows us to have variation, but a similar vibe on a given day.

For high energy level working dogs, we often provide a dog backpack, and let them carry usually 1 liter of water on each side, for a total of 2.2×2=4.4 lbs.  This gives working dogs a higher level of satisfaction and allows them to have been equally challenged by the end of the hike.  We buy the backpacks here: Ruff Wear Backpack.

If your dog is sensitive to heat, please let us know, as we may like to skip your dog on hotter days, though when it is hot, we generally take it easy, or let them jump in water during the hike.