Team Dog Certifications with former Navy Seal, Mike Ritland

Team Dog / Colin's PackThough Colin originally entered the “dog world” running mainly off of his intuition, natural affinity for understanding animals, and trial and error, he is now coming full circle to dive into the training community and content, and pick up useful information that could help him with the dogs. Team Dog seemed like just the place to start. Colin resonated with Mike’s way of thinking and teaching, andĀ found the information to broaden his understanding of dogs and dog behavior.

Colin studied hours of videos and passed tests to earn certifications in K9 CPR, K9 First Aid, a Foundations Course, a Teaching Basic Obedience course, and a Behavior Modification course.

TeamDog K9 CPR Course

TeamDog K9 First Aid Course

TeamDog Foundations Course

TeamDog Teaching Basic Obedience Course

TeamDog Behavioral Modification Course



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