Cesar’s Way Seminar Sept 20-23, 2012

Meeting Cesar Millan and spending 4 days at the Dog Psychology Center was, like all valuable experiences, one that’s impact on me wouldn’t be done justice by putting it into words.  So, I won’t try!  Ok, I will say a few things…

1)  I was able to connect to the way of nature, something that I can forget is the underlying force for all living things.  It’s easy to forget that human beings’ history didn’t begin in skyscrapers with Facebook, Twitter and iPhones programmed into our DNA; we evolved from the earth, and we have a connection with life and all other living things, though we often draw a boundary between humans and other life.  Dogs and all other animals are still very in tune with that connection, and at the DPC, I was able to re-connect with being in tune with nature.  I learned that we are part of nature, not above it.

2)  I realized that, when I look at a famous person, I have tended to imagine that what they are doing could only happen on T.V., or that it was in some way different because it was on T.V.  After the seminar, I realized that having a camera doesn’t make a moment more special, but it can make you aware of how special each moment is.  With Cesar, his mind wasn’t in Hollywood on the next photo shoot, his mind was only there in that moment; with us.  And, on t.v., his mind is only in <em>that</em> moment.  If I am in the present moment often, using my conscious mind, I will often have special moments.  This is something that dogs already do.  Being at the dog psychology center was a very “special time” for me, and seeing Cesar hold my dog on a leash was a “special moment” for me.  My dog, though she of course doesn’t know who Cesar Millan is, treated the seminar like it was just a normal day, and I realized that for her, every moment is special.  I learned that, the more often I am conscious, the more often I will have special moments. 

That’s it for now!

Here are some pictures from the seminar:






By Colin’s Pack

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