I am so grateful for Colin and his Pack! My 7 year old shephard/hound rescue was in such need of a healthy, balanced pack and a solid pack leader...and she found one in Colin's Pack! My previous attempts with other dog walkers or doggie playdates always ended in disappointing reports of consistent fear aggression from my dog Macy. I had given up hope that she would ever be a normal dog that would socialize well with other dogs. She loves to run, but where could I take her? Not the dog park...not play dates...I worried about her future as she put on weight and lost her sense of zest at being limited to neighborhood solo walks. That's when we met Colin. I saw his advertisement and checked out his web videos. I loved how happy and healthy his pack was with him. I dared to hope my dog would one day so happy and healthy. I made the call. I was impressed by Colin's professionalism and relaxed nature. He was easy to talk to and listened attentively about my dog's history. He is a natural pack leader. Macy responded immediately! Was this my dog? I couldn't believe it. And then I started receiving the videos. The videos were elating! I saw for my own eyes how happy and healthy my dog is in Colin's Pack. But it's not limited to the hikes. I've noticed a difference in her demeanor and behavior overall. My friends and neighbors are commenting on what a good dog she's become! She's lost weight and lost much of her anxious behaviors. I've never seen her so well adjusted and content. She's the happy dog she's always been meant to be. Thank you Colin's Pack!