As an overprotective dog owner, I searched high and low for someone who didn't simply just offer dog walking services, but someone I could trust.. and in Colin I found more; he truly values (and what I believe to be the most important thing in my dog's well-being), having a balanced relationship with his dogs. What also struck me about Colin- is that he is extremely polite and is open to addressing any concerns immediately and in the most professional manner! Our little man loves his walks and we love that we can trust someone to keep him active and challenged while we are at work. Sometimes Colin will email brief videos of their hikes which always make me laugh at work... my poor co-workers have to endure watching them over and over again! The best part is that Colin manages the pack extremely well and frankly, he works better with my dog than I do. I love knowing that while I'm stuck at work, my little man gets to enjoy the great outdoors off leash, being a dog. And an added bonus to having your dog join the pack (Colin doesn't advertise this, but its true).. is that over time you will see changes in your dog's behavior... and for the better! My dog feels so much more balanced and confident than he has ever before... TAKE THE LEAP and JOIN THE PACK! You wont' regret it.