(Taken from Yelp--with owner's permission) According to Yelp, five stars means "as good as it gets" - that is exactly how I would describe Colin's Pack. In fact, I would give him 10 stars if I could. I have an intense, high-energy German Shepherd/Husky mix, who can be nervous and reactive with other dogs. However, she does great with a strong pack leader and really loves socializing with other dogs - especially in a pack environment. When I realized that I needed help getting Bella all the exercise and socialization she needs, I felt anxious. I did HOURS of research and finally stumbled upon Colin's Pack during an Internet search and it has been a saving grace for me and Bella. Here are just some of the reasons why I LOVE Colin's Pack: 1. Most importantly, Bella gets great exercise, and the socialization she wants and needs. Plus, she  absolutely adores Colin and is overwhelmed with joy when he comes to pick her up. 2. Colin is incredibly talented - he truly loves and understands dogs. He knows exactly how to communicate to dogs that he is in control, so they are able to relax and have fun, knowing he is in charge. His leadership creates a positive, safe pack environment. 3. He does things right. A day or two before Bella went on her first hike with the pack, Colin made a special trip my house to meet her. He took her on a brief walk with his two dogs, so he could observe her socialization skills and understand how to best integrate her into the pack. This allowed me to relax, because I could see that he was in control and knew how to handle my dog's specific needs. 4. He is patient. If Bella gets too excited when he comes to pick her up (which happens because she loves going with the pack so much), he will interact with her until she is calm and ready to join the pack. This is especially important to me because taking a couple extra minutes could put Colin behind schedule, but those minutes are CRUCIAL for setting Bella up for success with the pack. If her energy level is too high, it could cause tensions with the other dogs in the pack. This shows me that the safety and well-being of the dogs is his first priority. 5. He is informative. When Bella first joined the pack, Colin sent me lots of video clips and pictures of her interacting with the other dogs. It was reassuring and rewarding for me to see her having such a great time. He still sends pictures from time-to-time and always keeps me updated on how she's doing, letting me know if anything interesting, fun or important happens. Plus, he communicates relevant news about his schedule and services in his monthly newsletter. 6. He is incredibly reliable and professional. I can always count on Colin to be there when he says he will be. 7. He is flexible and responsive. My schedule can be a little wonky, and sometimes it works to have him take Bella at regular intervals (for instance, every M, W and F), and sometimes it doesn't. Therefore, it's important to me that I can text him the night before I want Bella to go with the pack. Plus, he is very responsive, so I know quickly that she is all set to go the next day. The bottom line of all this goes back to the five stars - dog walkers/pack hikes don't get better than this; Colin is a diamond in the rough.