I have a beautiful big powerful Akita. Not just anyone could appreciate and understand an animal of such intensity but Colin does. Colin has a truly unusual ability to feel the spirit of a dog and kindly, gently, powerfully work with that animal to it's benefit. Colin is a great asset to the happiness of a dog. Bruno's weekly hikes with Colin have tempered his outlook on the world. Fantastic exercise and a great pack for company have enhanced Bruno's life. Colin has actually affected our whole family. Colin and I took Bruno for a one hour walk. Kindly and gently Colin convinced me that I needed to work on a few methods of dog walking too. He brought a big smile to my face as he pointed out some idiosyncrasies of mine that caused Bruno to behave in ways that were difficult. I have been a dog owner my entire life and can honestly say I have never met anyone who could handle dogs as brilliantly as Colin.