Our Story

A warrior/earthy type of person, Colin was always drawn to nature, and the feelings of the wild that he tapped into when visiting such places as his family‘s ranch in Texas. Combined with a somewhat obsessive personality, he would dive deep into the shows like Crocodile Hunter, and almost all National Geographic Africa specials.  Upon discovering Dog Whisperer, he became obsessed. Cesar Milan was saying things that Colin felt rang true on such a deep level, as they did with so many others. After graduating from college In 2009,  Colin, like so many others, was thrust into having to look at his life and find out where he fit in and what he wanted to do.  An inner voice/desire that would often surface in times of quiet reflection finally became too loud to be ignored, a desire to start a dog hiking business. In late 2010/early 2011, Colin started Colin’s Pack.

After first being focused on growing his business for the first few years, Colin dove head-first  into the realities of working with dogs and the potential pitfalls, such as heat stroke, dogs running away, and mainly, aggression and fights between the dogs.   He realized that these were serious problems and he could not plow forward as intended and maintain his integrity without understanding and dealing with these problems.  Coincidentally, (or maybe that’s how things work), Colin discovered Brandon Fouche, and upon meeting him, realized that the rabbit hole went much deeper than he had first expected.  Going deep into that rabbit hole, with the intention of bridging the gap as a teacher, unintentionally became part of Colin’s more spiritual and long-term mission, along with helping people feel connected, and whatever else is needed to improve the world.  There is much to be done, and we are busy getting to it.

Thank you for reading.