Dog Behavioral Consultations

Dogs do not come with instruction manuals.  If we do not provide dogs with the things that they need  from us to be balanced, they can develop issues.  Most issues that dogs develop are the result of a lack of knowledge on the part of the owner.  By being able to provide this knowledge, I can help owners fix the root of the problem.  Dogs need to know who is the most dominant, who the leader is.  If they do not see someone as being a clear “alpha,” capable of protecting them, they will feel forced to assume that role in order to feel safe.

Knowing how to take control of a situation, (almost always without physically even touching your dog), can create a huge change in the behavior of our dogs.  If your dog needs to be put in a pack for extended rehabilitation, I would recommend you contact Brandon Fouche.  With over 25 years of working with dogs, Brandon is the most advanced person I have met with dogs, and his teachings have helped me immensely.


I am here to help: if I come to the conclusion that your dog’s case is above my head, I will not charge you, but will instead recommend that you see Brandon Fouche — (323) 752-3647


  • $100 if our consolation takes 1 hour or less
  • $180 if it takes 1-3 hours