Dog Behavioral Consultations

Dogs do not come with instruction manuals.  If we do not provide dogs with the things that they need  from us to be balanced, they can develop issues.  Most issues that dogs develop are the result of a lack of knowledge on the part of the owner.  By being able to provide this knowledge, I can help owners fix the root of the problem.  Dogs need leaders.  If they do not see someone being a clear “alpha,” they will be forced to assume that role.  Being and alpha, or leader, does not nececessarily mean being physical in any way, or being mean.  Some of it is about what you actively do, but most of is is about what you don’t do.  If you act silly with your dog, he will not view you as a leader, if you communicate with your dog in long sentences that he doesn’t understand, he will learn to ignore you, if he is feeling anxious and you give him affection and food (instead of stability and protection), he will become more anxious.  There are many misunderstandings that we as owners are simply not aware of.  Knowledge and slight behavior modifications can create a huge change in the behavior of our dogs.  Sometimes dogs also need to be put in a pack for extended rehabilitation.  In this case, I would, without hesitation, recommend you to Brandon Fouche.  Brandon is a true dog behavior expert with over 25 years of working with dogs.  and his knowledge and techniques have helped me a great deal.

I want to get to the root of your problems and get you real help, not just scratch the surface, only to leave you needing to see another behavioralist, or giving up.

If I cannot help you, I will not charge you.  I will however suggest that you see Brandon Fouche — (323) 752-3647



  • $80/hr for each of the first 2 hours, 3rd hour is free (i.e. 1hr=$80, 2hrs=$160, 3 hrs=$160)