Is My Dog a Good Fit?

An ideal dog for our Pack Hikes is a medium to very high level energy dog, (not low-level energy dogs).  We can handle a wide range of dogs, as well as dogs with minor issues, and major issues on a case by case basis.  Because we take the leadership position and have a good understanding of dog psychology, we can create a pack out of dogs that might not otherwise get along.  As long as your dog can walk for an hour, she will be a good candidate for our pack hikes.  We also try to facilitate packs so that there are healthy numbers of adults and puppies, playful dogs and timid dogs, etc., which allows there to be a balance, and for all dogs to bring out the best in each other and learn from each other.

For our high and very high energy level working dogs, we provide a dog backpack, and let them carry water that weighs up to 10-20% of their bodyweight.  This gives working dogs a higher level of satisfaction and allows all dogs to have been equally challenged by the end of the hike.  We buy the backpacks here: Ruff Wear Backpack.

If your dog is sensitive to heat, please let us know, as we may like to skip your dog on hotter days.