Colin's Pack Dog Hiking Photo
Dog Pack Hiking with Colin's Pack
Water Break with Colin's Pack
Colin West and 10 dogs hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Colin West and his 10 dog dog pack walking in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Colin West walking a pack of 10 dogs in the Santa Monica Mountains.

About Us

Colin's Pack is a dog pack hiking business founded by Colin West in 2011. We service the Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Venice.

Our focus is on providing dogs with the healthy pack setting that they would naturally be growing up in, with the human playing the role of the leader, protector, or "alpha."  Though we allow for dogs to develop their own relationships amongst each other, we provide an umbrella of protection that allows the dogs to explore and socialize while still feeling safe. This means that we will protect all of the dogs and have the final say if any dog is being out of line. This gives the dogs the freedom to be themselves, avoid dogs they don't want to interact with, and play with the dogs that they do, all the while knowing that they are safe to make those decisions.

By traveling in a pack in nature with a clear leader, we create an experience that is very close to the natural behaviors of dogs and their ancestors, which is very fulfilling to the dogs in a primal way. Pack hikes create happier dogs who can then share that love with their owners.

For videos of pack hikes, please visit our Facebook Page, where we regularly post videos of the hikes.

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